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Sunny Today, Rain Tomorrow

Peregrine Falcon

the fastest animal on earth

Winter is the season of extreme moods. Rain on a summer day can never be as miserable as the grey gloom of winter. Today was one of those winter days we treasure – sunny and all blue skies. I felt like I couldn’t get enough sunshine. The birds responded with displays of beauty too, and I was lucky to get some good pictures. The Pileated Woodpecker was hard at work on the tall stump again, although he refused to come around to the sunny side of the tree. I caught a pair of Stellar’s Jays in a bush right in front of us, and a pair of Ravens high up in an oak, well lit by the sun. On the water I watched ducks for a while, hoping some of the Mergansers would come a little closer. Unlike the Mallards which make their year round home here, these Mergansers come infrequently, and I suppose they aren’t quite as comfortable around humans as the Mallards are. They have this reflex to stop and turn away at a distance of about 15 yards. I came home and hung about doing things like starting a loaf of bread, but always with an eye out the window, with a feeling that the beautiful sunshine was going to waste. So at 4 pm I grabbed my camera again and went back down to the lake to enjoy the last of the sun. I caught a Song Sparrow in the golden light, amongst a crowd of others hanging around some feeders. Then I spotted something far away, coming across the sky and heading for the top of one of the tall firs, about 40 or 50 yards away. It was impossible to recognize at a distance but with the 500mm lens I saw it better, although it was still a mere blip on the screen. I took some pictures and stood there waiting for about 10 minutes with my finger on the trigger, hoping to catch it in flight. When it finally took off my reflexes were just too slow, or my camera was, but in any case all I caught was air. It was another Peregrine Falcon, not exactly rare but then again not a common sight hereabouts. They are distinguished by their Elvis sideburns, although to be fair, falcons had them first. Not every day you see the fastest animal on earth. They dive at 250 km/hr (155 mph).

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Be Prepared


the raven speaks

My recent experience of bird sightings without telephoto lens (BSWOTL) prompted me to affix my biggest gun to the DSLR this morning (500mm Tamron mirror) when I set out for a stroll around the lake. Eyes and ears open, I was well into the woods when I heard the unmistakable call of a raven. Taking a little used path that lead in the general direction I followed the sound through the bush until I came to a stand of tall aspen. But hark, what was that other sound? Who, who, who cooks for you? There had to be an owl nearby as well. I soon spotted the raven, and grabbed a few shots before it took off. The owl had since ceased to make any sound, but I was lucky enough to spot it high in a tree. It was a big one, and it was engaged in a long session of preening, which reminded me of cats, strangely enough.


the raven watches

The oddest thing about the experience was how the raven and the owl seemed to be carrying on a conversation for some time. The raven would let out a series of clicks and caws, which would immediately be followed by the owl giving out a few hoots. This repeated a good number of times, certainly enough to imagine they were in some form of communication.


the owl sees all


the owl can ignore you

I tried to make noises that would cause the owl to look down at me, but it ignored them. I suppose it had seen me when I arrived and knew that I was not worthy of further attention. As I wound my way back I took a path through the long grass and passed by a gaggle of geese hiding away. A few of them gave me the eye.


geese cannot ignore you

Carrying on I spotted lots more birds, most too small and quick to even think about capturing their picture, but there was a Great Blue Heron in a willow, resting one assumes.


the heron acts as if he ignores you, but he knows you’re there

A few smaller avians were seen perched on treetops long enough for photos.






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