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The Tunnel Guy

a man with a dog
sits on a wall
in a tubular tunnel of steel

he comes and goes
with a large brown sack
ambling here and there

bearded and tanned
his clothes match his skin
earthen from head to toe

lighting a smoke
he turns up his boombox
filling the tunnel with echoes

riding by on my bike
I glance at him
and he smiles

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The Secret of Success

computer work is bad for the eyes
yesterday I had a bout of seeing double
today is grey November and winter is coming
we wait for the owls

I wish I had a plot for a novel
that nobody will ever read
I get emails from a guy who says
he knows the secrets to launch books on Kindle

that’s almost funny
me and twelve million others all trying to get attention
but maybe they don’t know these secrets
what if I learn them – cheap at five hundred

well, we know who has one secret
it’s easier to get rich telling others the secret of getting rich
than using the secrets yourself
so logical

if you hope for a miracle
a lottery ticket is cheap
I don’t mind wasting three bucks
on a hopeless cause

they say fear of success is common
perhaps that’s so
I wish I knew
yet I know this

success takes work and I’m done
fame and money yes, but work no
just give me the prize
and keep the success

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Elizabeth II

From my scrapbook c.1956

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Don’t Underestimate Slugs

The CBC has an article today about dogs and dog owners. Down near the bottom I came across this quote from famous Canadian author, Yann Martel.

“Stories are only useful for us. Animals don’t have stories,” said Martel, pointing out, for example, that telling the story of a slug from the slug’s point of view serves no purpose for that creature. “And it’ll be quite dull for us, because a slug has a very limited intellect.”

Well, I have this to say to Mr. Martel – you should read my book Sluggo the Smug Slug. Perhaps then you wouldn’t be so smug about your own opinion!

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The Mountain & Me

Mt Albert Edward, 2100m

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Craft Brew

Victoria has been at the centre of the craft brewing revolution since the early 1980’s. My travels today lead to a local brewery, which began as a small microbrewery and grew into a major operation, making a variety of wonderful craft beers.

Phillips Brewery & Tasting Room, Victoria BC


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Latest Developments

Today’s ride took me to a huge fenced off field on the edge of downtown that was once a heavily polluted industrial site. The gates were open so I ignored the No Trespassing signs and rode my bike to a good spot where I sketched an old power station and a working asphalt plant. While I was there, several cars arrived and the folks walked out into the empty field at my back. Later on while drinking an expensive coffee at a nearby sidewalk cafe, I met two gents I’d seen at the field and we had a brief chat, whereupon they informed me that the acreage in question was going to be developed in a few years, once the master plan was ready.


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Support Live Theatre


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Free Books & Wine Tasting

Dave Godfrey


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Free Book Today!

The Magic Typer ebook is free today & tomorrow.

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