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High Flyer


I saw a kite the other day

It seemed to be flying by itself

But on closer inspection

Hidden in the tall grass

A man held the string



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No Sale Tonight

a steel plateapril 24 2014002

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Scenes from where I used to work – a farm by the ocean. Emily Carr (the Canadian artist) spent time here, painting. I imagine she must have seen the big tree, which has to be centuries old. The trunk is 8 feet thick at least.


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My Valiant Brother


No. 2 in a series of watercolour sketches.

Despite their being cheap and plentiful, these original Brother typewriters are still good value. I bought this ‘Valiant’ recently, simply for the name plate. They seem to have made endless versions of the same basic machine for reasons that escape me. I guess they were using scientific marketing to sell the same thing under different guise. Wasn’t it enough that it was cheap and well made?


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The Circle of Life


When I was at architecture school, (long long ago, and far away) we went on yearly jaunts called ‘sketching school’. Although they never actually taught us anything, we all went off to some town where we spent 10 days walking around and sketching in watercolours. It was always watercolours, which are of course the hardest bloody media of all to master, but this was part of the cunning plan to make us insane. Despite the necessity to produce a number of sketches on which we would be marked, we all managed to spend a lot of time just hanging out and having a good time. Since we are planning a trip back to Ontario for a week in June, where my wife will be busy visiting her family, I decided to resurrect the idea of sketching school. I will be wandering the town sketching while she sits around yakking. So I got myself a sketchbook and found, deep inside a box of art supplies, an old paint box that I had given my mother. It’s a tiny thing, the Windsor Newton pocket sketchbox, with 12 colours, which she probably never opened. With this and a new fangled water-brush, I have begun to practice for sketching school again. The brush is a Japanese invention, and has water in the handle. Thus one can do a watercolour sketch at any time or location without the need for a cup of water. Here is my first test sketch.

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