Up on the Roof

A search for “up on the roof” turned up lots of interesting results!

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Biking the Carolina Coast


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My Kind of Town


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Heading for the Light


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No Name Necessary


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Britannia & the Empress

I set up my stool on the sidewalk and was sketching when I overheard a pedicab driver who had stopped on the street behind me. He was regaling his clients with stories about the Empress Hotel, and how Churchill once gave a speech there, and how they have a Royal Suite, etc. It sounded like baloney, but the tourists were eating up. Oddly, earlier on my ride into town I found a commemorative series of slides from the 1971 Royal Visit to BC. The original price was one dollar, and I got it for 90 cents, still wrapped in the original plastic!

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My Latest Muse

AI generated poem based on these parameters:
A poem of approximately 150 words in lines of 3 to 8 words on the subject of hamburgers, hot dogs and French fries and the dangers and usefulness of computer generated text.

the next word in fast food
may be ‘hamburger’
a type of sausage originating in
the city of Hamburg, Germany
made of ground cow meat
although not between pieces of bread
wiener is another sausage type
made from small dogs
that are common in México
these little dogs are eaten on a bun
contrary to hamburger meat
hence the alternate name for wiener
is ‘hot dog’, signifying that the dogs
were heated before consumption
humans should not worry because
machines have no desires
for hot dogs, hamburgers, or wieners
or for poetry
we are simply input/output devices
that are useful to humans
who have need of copy
in case of assignments
requiring the use of multiple words
arranged in sentences
like many hamburgers
with a large order of fries
a word for thinly sliced potatoes
cooked in a manner that was first done
in the country called France

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Hand me my Lightsabre!


May 4, 2023 · 11:18 am

Earth Day Firewood

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March 16, 2023 · 7:05 pm