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Kentmere Caffenola

Here are some recent BW scans from several rolls of Kentmere film I shot in the past 2 weeks, using a Minolta SRT 101 and a Nikon EL. For those who care about lenses, I used a Rokkor 50/1.7, a Nikon 55/3.5 micro (reported to be the sharpest of all Nikon lenses @ $5), and a no name 28mm Japanese lens good enough that I can’t see any difference between that and the others.

Red Ferrari

The purpose of shooting film and developing it at home is to become frustrated, screw it up, and carry on until you finally get something decent, which describes how it seems to go every time. But the results can be fun, and interesting.

old apartment door

If you just want a good picture, find a Canon A510 or something like that for $10 in a thrift shop.

ugly fish

But if you want some excitement, combined with a way to waste some time using old and simple do it yourself methods, then Caffenol developing is the thing.

old school
me – liberating Holland (Disney version)


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Shiny Black Things

Shiny black thing 1


Seen last summer



Seen today

Can’t afford either one! OK, maybe the Remington, but $130? I have a Deluxe Model 5 already…I think it was $25.

Oh to be on the road in my VW with my Streamliner beside me on the seat, typing as I drive along. Ridiculous, you say? Yes, but how many people died because some idiot was typing while driving? My guess, very very few. How may have died because some idiot was talking, texting, or browsing their smartphone? My guess, thousands. Once again, the typewriter proves its worth.

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More Old Icons

… noted on recent wanderings…

Remington Portable 2

for sale at thrift shop $69.99

Classic VW Beetle

seen on local street yesterday

Antique Chevrolet

seen on lot of repair garage

Corvette Sting Ray

same lot, just completed restoration


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Seinfeld, Leno & Scarfone

Last year my good friend Joey Scarfone asked me to work with him on a project. He wanted to put together a picture book featuring local vintage automobiles, of which there are so many I wager it’s impossible to count. Victoria is a car collecting sort of place, and cars here don’t rust away like they do in the rest of Canada. Suffice to say we worked on the book for many months, Joey taking pictures, and me producing the graphics and the document. This is a labour of love, and kudos to Joey for coming up with the idea, and funding the entire thing from his pocket. The book was printed by one of the best houses in the country, Friesen, and Joey ordered one thousand copies printed. His tiny shop is brimming with the books stacked all over, and they are selling steadily. Here is the cover:


Ever the optimist, Joey insisted that the book be called Volume 1. Meanwhile Joey came up with another idea, which he pitched to the local cable provider, Shaw TV; a TV show about vintage cars! Joey asked me along to help out when we shot the first show, which featured one of the cars in the book, a 1972 Rolls Royce. I am please to announce it here on that Episode One of Vintage Cars of Victoria is now live on YouTube! Click on the photo for the link. After watching you can stay tuned and watch Jay Leno do a spot about the CHIPS cars! I must admit to being thrilled to be in such company.

Joey Scarfone - host of Vintage Cars of Victoria

Joey Scarfone – host of Vintage Cars of Victoria / click photo for link


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