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Shiny Black Things

Shiny black thing 1


Seen last summer



Seen today

Can’t afford either one! OK, maybe the Remington, but $130? I have a Deluxe Model 5 already…I think it was $25.

Oh to be on the road in my VW with my Streamliner beside me on the seat, typing as I drive along. Ridiculous, you say? Yes, but how many people died because some idiot was typing while driving? My guess, very very few. How may have died because some idiot was talking, texting, or browsing their smartphone? My guess, thousands. Once again, the typewriter proves its worth.

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More Old Icons

… noted on recent wanderings…

Remington Portable 2

for sale at thrift shop $69.99

Classic VW Beetle

seen on local street yesterday

Antique Chevrolet

seen on lot of repair garage

Corvette Sting Ray

same lot, just completed restoration


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Nearly a summer evening

heaps of stuff on the move to somewhere

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