Typewriter Love, Italian Style



sculptural, eh?

beautiful curves

More about the machine: a close inspection reveals this is really well built, like indestructible! The mechanics of the carriage are unlike most every other typewriter; it has large dished bearings which hold a thick stainless steel bar that carries the carriage. Basically a larger and much stronger version of the Lettera 22. It feels like a 22 as well, with the precise but soft touch. Quiet, too, for a typewriter! From the small number of these that I’ve ever seen in the shops, they weren’t terribly popular, and perhaps were quite expensive. One can imagine this would have been high priced – it appears to be made with no expense spared. Even the case is different;  a truncated pyramid shape when stood upright. By the serial number the TWDB says it was made in 1961 or 1962.


carriage runs on this round rail – note the huge pinch rolls



oversized platen for this scale of machine

oversized platen for this scale of machine

elegant keys

elegant keys

large folding paddle like lever

large folding paddle like lever is easy to push

right side

right side – note the scooped lower edge! So subtle..


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9 responses to “Typewriter Love, Italian Style

  1. Bill M

    Wow! A Studio 44 for $10.00! Congratulations on the great typewriter.

  2. TomR

    Indeed a great find for $10! The action on mine I would describe as “quiet and measured,” very unique and enjoyable for sure. I remember the first time I saw one of these being struck with how BIG the thing is, especially front to back.

  3. joevc

    I have an Olivetti Underwood 21, very much the same machine but slightly different styling, and can testify to it being a great typewriter. Congrats. I got mine also from a thrift store, for $20.

  4. M. Höhne

    Pius XXII used a white Studio 42 in the 1950s; perhaps that’s who you are thinking of.

    The Olivetti-Underwood 21 seems to be a Studio 44 in a different shell and seems to be more common. Does your 44 have the crossed links shown at ?

    • M. Höhne

      Ah, can’t leave a URL, eh? Well, too bad. The bad guys have won.

      There’s an entry on the Typewriter Database of a O-U 21 (entry #1741) showing the links of the “X” and “E” keys crossed. I wonder if your Studio 44 is the same.

  5. Beautiful machine – I too love the subtle scooping curve of the bottom. There is a 44 at a nearby antique store that I have been eyeing. I may need to bring it home. It’s labeled “Underwood-Olivetti” rather than “Olivetti-Underwood”.

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