Thrift Bonanza – c.195x

viewfinder 1955 Asahiflex

Asahiflex IIA – first SLR from Japan

viewfinder 1953 Rolleicord

Rolleicord IV

Smith Corona Silent Super 1955 – script type

the secret 1 key

P.S. here is an OCR attempted scan of the typed page 1 above:


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5 responses to “Thrift Bonanza – c.195x

  1. Awesome script machine! And you are right, for the time being, anyway, it seems to be resistant to text recognition software.

  2. Underwood called this “Vertical Script”, and it’s *usually* seen on old 1940’s Finger-Flites. It has been found on Lettera 22’s though, so finding it on a Smith-Corona isn’t surprising. Dealers would often re-type a machine with whatever typeface you wanted.

  3. It’s been 6 years since this post, and I’m still searching for a vertical script machine! How have other fellow members strapped into the blog gone on without one such machine?

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