This Old Typewriter

oak tree with analog time stamp


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5 responses to “This Old Typewriter

  1. Bill M

    Good review. I have an SM-7 and hope to get a nice SM-9 this year. The quality and feel of the Olympia is supposed to be much better than even the Hermes 3000, also a very nice typewriter.

    • Never used a 3000, but the first typewriter I ever owned was a Hermes Nine. I wasn’t collecting it or anything like that – I used it for business! Paid $10 for it in a junk store that had about a dozen of them. They were surplus from a school I presume, as they were teaching models with no symbols on the keys. I used it until I got my first computer, an Apple ll clone with a dot matrix printer. I painted the letter symbols onto the keys and put clear nail polish over it.

  2. very nice review. I’ve wondered about those car guys too. My first typewriter was the family selectric. The first of my own I still have – a 1940’s underwood.
    I love the hoto with analog time stamp too – clever!

  3. Reblogged this on Vintage Cars of Victoria and commented:
    My friend Don Nathan, who designed my book Vintage Cars of Victoria, blogs at This is a post from a few years ago about vintage car restoring, and typewriters. I hope you enjoy it.

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