My Valiant Brother


No. 2 in a series of watercolour sketches.

Despite their being cheap and plentiful, these original Brother typewriters are still good value. I bought this ‘Valiant’ recently, simply for the name plate. They seem to have made endless versions of the same basic machine for reasons that escape me. I guess they were using scientific marketing to sell the same thing under different guise. Wasn’t it enough that it was cheap and well made?


Filed under Painting, Thrift shop finds, Typewriters

6 responses to “My Valiant Brother

  1. Nice watercolour. I have one too (Brother Valiant I mean)

  2. This is quite wonderful, with a style that befits a deceptively “simpler” time. I hope you continue with these watercolor sketches. I find myself wondering what some of the stand-out typewriters (such as a Hermes 3K) or perhaps those of unusual configuration (on, say, might inspire you to produce.

  3. (Oops, I forgot to check the “Notify me of follow-up comments via email” box on the prior post.)

  4. nice Brother watercolor! (:

  5. Scott K

    Love your work. Very nice.

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