I Want to Hold Your Handle

Olympia SF Italics 1963

Olympia SF Italics 1963



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5 responses to “I Want to Hold Your Handle

  1. Great find!

    I think these are very good typewriters. Not so hard to type on if they’re clean and adjusted. The tension adjuster is very powerful; if yours has one, it’s under the hood, a little tab marked +/-. Set it to the lowest setting.

    My local Ace Hardware does have grommets in various sizes.

    Sticky ribbon vibrators, in my experience, are almost always the result of friction. See if you can find a point where the vibrator is rubbing against some other part and getting jammed, then bend the vibrator gently away.

    • Thanks Richard. All I need now is Ace Hardware. Oops, that’s the one near me! Will look in the grommet department. That vibrator is tricky tho.

  2. Dan Petreikis

    Very cool find! I just found one on eBay last week, arranged for local pick up. Mine seems to be one of the older ones with a rounder contour to the ribbon cover, in a yellow cream/burgundy color scheme. I was surprised to see just how close in size it was to my Skyriter!

  3. An Olympia SF much like yours with the same color scheme and script/cursive typeface (http://typewriterdatabase.com/1965-olympia-sf.2426.typewriter) recently made its way into my hands. It’s the first and only machine with a script typeface that I’ve used, and its characteristic Olympia touch is a welcome feature of such a compact portable.

    The petrified feet on mine are okay for now, but the disintegrated grommets were readily replaced with new rubber-ish ones from Radio Shack.

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