How to Milk a Cow in the 21st Century


Too late for Valentine’s Day, but this card was found in a nifty shop here. This place has typewriters for rent, and while I was buying this card the clerk was instructing a young woman on how a manual typewriter works. I found this amusing, and astounding, that one would need to be instructed on how to use such a simple and familiar machine. Conclusion: I obviously have no idea of how uncommon a manual typewriter is to some people. Perhaps this person would also be unfamiliar with a rotary dial telephone? Don’t laugh! I can’t milk a cow, can you?


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2 responses to “How to Milk a Cow in the 21st Century

  1. Bill M

    Although I grew up in a coal town I can milk a cow and a few other things. How about using a crank telephone? Victola? Crystal set?

    I love the card!

  2. The very concept of a carriage return is mysterious to many new typewriter users. The whole thing simply is unfamiliar to them. It’s fun to watch!

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