Endangered Species

Olivetti Tropic- modded

Olivetti Tropic – modded

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I have plenty of bird pictures, however, and recently many of hawks. While not strictly endangered, I do think raptors are not having an easy time of it. Not far from here a landowner cut down 10 acres of old forest so he could grow hay. There was a hue and cry about it, but the saddest part for me was knowing that the birds and other wildlife just lost another chunk of habitat. A naturalist said that those woods were home to a number of owls, just for instance.

As much as I enjoy photography, and while I don’t want to get into a debate about whether or not it is or isn’t art, I love drawing and painting in another way. When you take a picture of something it is easy to forget what you really saw there. When you draw something, it really sinks into the mind. Yesterday I painted this picture of a hawk that I photographed just a few days before. I feel like I really got to know this bird better by painting it.

Red Tailed Hawk at Swan Lake

Red Tailed Hawk at Swan Lake


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2 responses to “Endangered Species

  1. That’s a very nice painting.

    I like that Olivetti, I haven’t tried one, although I do have a 1953 era Hermes Rocket that I do like a lot.

    I suspect you’re correct about the days of cheap thrift store typewriters being past us.

    I like the looks of the steno paper, with the line going down the center.


    • Thanks Joe. Hermes machines have a unique feel about them; I wish I knew more about what contributes to that particular sensation – there has to be a scientific explanation!

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