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Latest Developments

Today’s ride took me to a huge fenced off field on the edge of downtown that was once a heavily polluted industrial site. The gates were open so I ignored the No Trespassing signs and rode my bike to a good spot where I sketched an old power station and a working asphalt plant. While I was there, several cars arrived and the folks walked out into the empty field at my back. Later on while drinking an expensive coffee at a nearby sidewalk cafe, I met two gents I’d seen at the field and we had a brief chat, whereupon they informed me that the acreage in question was going to be developed in a few years, once the master plan was ready.


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Support Live Theatre


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Free Books & Wine Tasting

Dave Godfrey


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Free Book Today!

The Magic Typer ebook is free today & tomorrow.

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Now available from Kindle link

I wrote this book over a year ago but I just got around to putting it up on Kindle. This is the 3rd part of a series that began with The Magic Typer, and continued with A Year in the Life of a Poet. Starting tomorrow July 12 at 0000 hrs PDT, you can get The Magic Typer ebook free until Wednesday July 12 at midnight.

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Legislate This

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Old Paint for a New Sketch

typed on a 1937 Underwood Universal

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Super Size Typing


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Are You Woke? Wake Up!

This from our national broadcasting corporation, or as my old friend from 6th grade use to call it – The Canadian Broadcorping Castration:

Education for the ignorant masses from the CBC

Take this, language experts!

We had a powwow with some savages. It was spooky how the lame crippled gypsy and the black sheep brainstormed how to sell their spirit animals down the river, like a first world problem. Gypped, I knew it was third world blackmail, but they had a tone deaf blind spot when it came to the tribe. If I hadn’t been grandfathered in, I’d still be In the Ghetto, like Elvis.

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Washed Out Blues

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