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Recycled, Reused, Repurposed


What do these have in common?

space for guessing here before I give the answer.










grommets – 4 each, to be exact!




grommet from Nintendo cube CD player

This is where they go after you have removed them from the Nintendo Cube:

This fortuitous discovery came in handy¬† with one of my Italian made L22’s that had lost its grommets due to disintegration. I had these 4 nice soft rubber grommets left over from a project I was doing with my son – combining a Nintendo Cube with a modern Nintendo. I save things like this whenever I find them, because sooner or later they tend to come in handy. I thus saved these 4 dumbbell shaped hollow rubber grommets from the CD player suspension of the Nintendo. By squeezing, I was easily able to shove them into the 4 empty holes in the metal case of the L22, where they seated perfectly. They were made for the job, for all intents and purposes!


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Italian Food & Design

In keeping with tonight’s theme I typed this on my Lettera 22, probably the most acclaimed typewriter in history, design wise that is. What other typewriter could claim such accolades as being voted the best designed product of the century? The amazing thing is, when I was in architecture school, nobody ever mentioned this. All we read about, aside from buildings, were famous tables and chairs designed by famous architects. Well hello! The designer of this machine was an architect!!! OK, so if there are any students of architecture reading this, listen up – Marcello Nizzoli – check him out.

Then get yourself a Lettera 22, you will be super cool, trust me. You could get yourself a Necchi sewing machine too, but that wouldn’t be quite as cool. Unless you are studying costume or clothes design, in which case it’s probably super cool. I would suggest also a trench coat and crocs. That is super cool, especially combined with 20th century modern Italian classic design objects.

Now that you are yearning to eat this, I feel it is only fair to provide the recipes. The cake recipe is from “The Italian Baker” by Carol Field – a fantastic cookbook. Oh, and if you are rushing out to get a Lettera 22, remember to get one that has the round keypads only. Square keypads are not original, and are a no-no design wise, IMHO.

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a poem is not a novel

Written during a break from writing my November novel for NaNoWriMo.

typed on the Olivetti Lettera 22

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