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Shrikes 0 – Humms 1

Seeking elusive Shrikes
I scan the bush
ears pricked

But Shrikes, like
vagrant Pileated peckers
have moved on

So with dashed hope
of seeing a butcher bird
I turn homeward

But hark here’s a sight
before my eyes right
on low branch a-twitter

The head
fiery red
flashes like police

Without doubt
‘tis most

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Between Wet Squalls

Between wet squalls
sunshine and rainbows
the lake trail calls me

Down the street the trail forks
which is the road less traveled
on a circle?… no matter

I choose right
by far the most frequent choice
I am habituated

Prepared for whatever
two cameras ready
one for close up, one far away

At the floating bridge I wait
at hand the short telephoto
hoping to catch the muskrat

I’ve seen it rarely
small brown rodent in the rushes
shiny wet hairy junior football

Each time I see
it sees me too
I blink and it’s gone

In the bushes I detect
kinglets, hairy woodpeckers, finches
they too elude the camera

Halfway round luck changes
a hummingbird, tired of diving
rests close at hand, flashing green

The sun peeks in and out
the rainbow waxes and wanes
several runners pass

At the Garry Oak meadow something very tiny
another hummingbird
even smaller – maybe a Calliope

Sun in my eyes, I move down
into the grass to look for it
but it buzzes away

While I wait
from out of the trees
a Red Tailed Hawk appears

It makes a line
straight towards the tree
the lone tree it calls home

In the field I look up
there looping about the sky
an eagle soars

Perfectly lit by the low sun
the eagle circles
while I focus

Later on I reflect on pictures
the tiniest and the
mightiest of birds

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Be Prepared


the raven speaks

My recent experience of bird sightings without telephoto lens (BSWOTL) prompted me to affix my biggest gun to the DSLR this morning (500mm Tamron mirror) when I set out for a stroll around the lake. Eyes and ears open, I was well into the woods when I heard the unmistakable call of a raven. Taking a little used path that lead in the general direction I followed the sound through the bush until I came to a stand of tall aspen. But hark, what was that other sound? Who, who, who cooks for you? There had to be an owl nearby as well. I soon spotted the raven, and grabbed a few shots before it took off. The owl had since ceased to make any sound, but I was lucky enough to spot it high in a tree. It was a big one, and it was engaged in a long session of preening, which reminded me of cats, strangely enough.


the raven watches

The oddest thing about the experience was how the raven and the owl seemed to be carrying on a conversation for some time. The raven would let out a series of clicks and caws, which would immediately be followed by the owl giving out a few hoots. This repeated a good number of times, certainly enough to imagine they were in some form of communication.


the owl sees all


the owl can ignore you

I tried to make noises that would cause the owl to look down at me, but it ignored them. I suppose it had seen me when I arrived and knew that I was not worthy of further attention. As I wound my way back I took a path through the long grass and passed by a gaggle of geese hiding away. A few of them gave me the eye.


geese cannot ignore you

Carrying on I spotted lots more birds, most too small and quick to even think about capturing their picture, but there was a Great Blue Heron in a willow, resting one assumes.


the heron acts as if he ignores you, but he knows you’re there

A few smaller avians were seen perched on treetops long enough for photos.






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Aviation Primer

avian social life

the Hummingbird is a solitary creature - by and large

the Hummingbird is a solitary creature – by and large

the Starling cannot bear to be alone

the Starling cannot bear to be alone

the Crow has many guises - alone or in his murder

the Crow has many guises – alone or in his murder

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Interview With The Gnome

Gnome sees all

Gnome sees all

1-gnome conv 11-gnome conv 2


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October 20, 2012 · 9:52 am