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96 years + 1 day

Montréal 1926. Magasin Dupuis Frères, Rue St-Christophe >Nord, depuis rue Ste-Catherine.

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While I was filing my latest negatives I chanced to take a look at the first page of my files. I decided to scan that film, which I shot in 1970 in Montreal. There among other things were pictures of two different domes, built 120 years apart. The first was the Bonsecours Market, c. 1847, a building that was not only a market but briefly the Parliament of Canada.

Bonsecours Market

Fortunately this building was saved from demolition in the 1960’s. Countless other treasure like it were demolished to make room for atrocious apartment buildings, etc. Another world class marvel was this:

US Pavilion – Expo 67

The 1967 Montreal World’s Fair was the greatest fair ever held, if you count the attendance; over 50,000,000 visitors! I was there, lucky for me, and visited almost everything, including this building, the American pavilion. It was designed by Bucky Fuller, and is the largest and most spectacular dome of its kind ever built, and is still in existence – minus the acrylic skin, which burned off. The structure survived. They were planning to dismantle this one too, but somehow it was saved. I recall the fact that if they were to raise the temperature several degrees inside, the whole thing would have easily floated away like a hot air balloon.

Film: Kodak Tri-X 400, developed by me in unknown developer, probably Kodak D76 powder.

Camera: Minolta SRT 101, Rokkor PF 55/1.7

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Typewriter Ephemera – Ink & Ribbons

A reader from Montreal commented on an old post here regarding the former Carter’s Ink building in that city. He is an archeologist and was searching for information on that building when he came across my site. He referred me to an old photograph from 1928 of the Carter’s Inx (sic) building, and also to the present building – which has somehow shrunk! You can read the comments on the old post. He also brought to my attention a very interesting site – The Ribbon Tin Virtual Museum. This particular page has a variety of Carter’s erasing shields, the very item that inspired the original post. Big thank you to fellow McGill alumnus Nicolas Cadieux!  

Montreal 1928


Former Carter’s Ink Building 2019

Once again, the Carter’s erasing shield that I found in an old typewriter:

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October is Royal

Royal Safari c. 1964

Royal Safari c. 1964 – where it is now

1-OCT 15 -011

Site of former Royal factory, Montreal

Site of former Royal factory, Montreal – where it may have been made


Canada Bldg, Saskatoon

Canada Bldg, Saskatoon – where it may have been used


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Meet Me at Mt Royal & Drolet

1-carters ink carbon paper1-img404

Smith Corona Sterling 1947

Smith Corona Sterling 1947

Remington Portable 2 1926

Remington Portable 2 1926

McCormick sold this business to my father

McCormick sold this business to my father


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