October is Royal

Royal Safari c. 1964

Royal Safari c. 1964 – where it is now

1-OCT 15 -011

Site of former Royal factory, Montreal

Site of former Royal factory, Montreal – where it may have been made


Canada Bldg, Saskatoon

Canada Bldg, Saskatoon – where it may have been used


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4 responses to “October is Royal

  1. Bill M

    Very nice looking typewriter with a wonderful typeface. I first thought it was Vogue, but looking at the letter e gives it away as something else. It is always great to find memos or other documents in a machine. Knowing the history makes it special.

    I had a Royal Safari about that age with a similar problem. I carefully bent the cover to allow the typebars to work properly. Not sure if this would be the same problem with your machine.

  2. Take a look at the rubber grommets that hold the ribbon cover on. if they’re squished, replacing them might be a fix.

    Re: Typestyle, hmmn, it doesn’t look like Contemprary Elite, so it’s likely a special order. what is stamped into the typeslugs as far as identification marks?

  3. That’s a great looking typeface, gentle and attractive.

    I would try gently pulling up on the lid — “forming” it, as the pros say — to see whether you can create proper clearance. It has been pushed down over the years.

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