Slowly But Surely

OCT 15 -009OCT 15 -010


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5 responses to “Slowly But Surely

  1. I have heard of this concept in relation to the “slow food” movement – a friend of mine was a “slow food” chef. I was most annoyed when he moved off to Cali. I missed his imperceptibly-moving chow. 😀

  2. Bill M

    I kind of take things slow. I say kind of because I used to try to move fast and get as much done as possible. Then enter a move to Florida where the heat forces s l o w. I don’t wear a slow wind-up wrist watch though, I use a wind-up pocket watch. I write with a pencil or fountain pen, and I prefer a manual typewriter over an electric or the PC.

    Love the book. It’s one of my favorites. I read it several times. I’d love to live as in the book.

  3. Terry

    Poignant and funny as usual, nice post!

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