Meet Me at Mt Royal & Drolet

1-carters ink carbon paper1-img404

Smith Corona Sterling 1947

Smith Corona Sterling 1947

Remington Portable 2 1926

Remington Portable 2 1926

McCormick sold this business to my father

McCormick sold this business to my father


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9 responses to “Meet Me at Mt Royal & Drolet

  1. Nice machines! And interesting story about Carter’s Ink. Let us know what you find out?

    • Nicolas Cadieux

      Just found this post while googling for the Carter Inx company (or Carter’s ink company). Building is still in Montréal… about 100 m from my home. You can find it on Google maps at the corner of Drolet and Mont-Royal Street. A 1928 picture is found on the link below. The top 4 floors have disappeared. I am trying to figure out what happened to those floors.

      • Wow, thanks for the great photo.I love the history of Montreal. How strange to reduce the height of a building! Maybe they tore it down and put a smaller one on the same site.

      • Nicolas Cadieux

        My current hypothesis is a fire. The ground and first floors are Identical and probably original. The facade is really the same except for the front entry that has been receded. The sheet metal and brick have the exact same details (just like the other buildings around.) That part of the building is now a pastry but was a stationery store till 3 years ago (Guérin).
        The other 4 floors are present in the second half of the building on Drolet street. I think I am dealing with two connected buildings. That part is currently being renovated to become a hotel. Aerial photography shows the building layout had the current form in 1954 therefore changes appeared between 1928 and 1954. Both building were own and operated by Guérin Éditeur. ( They sold the real-estate in Montréal and moved a few year ago about 1 hour from Montréal. I am trying to figure out if Guérin purchased the building from Carter’s Ink.

  2. Nicolas Cadieux

    Interesting link:
    They have the Montréal address for Carter Inx as 655 Drolet Street, in Montréal. The phone number is St. Louis 6695. St. Louis is now part of the Plateau-Mont-Royal, a Montréal borough.

    St. Louis is actually the village of Coteau-Saint-Louis and was founded in 1846. and is now part of the city of Mtl. The address is now 4511 Drolet (or something like that). I figure the address changed when both cities were joined.

    • Great stuff. I am going to blog about the Carters Ink page at the virtual Museum. I must admit to being fascinated with St. Louis, having grown up beside Lac St Louis on St. Louis Ave in Dorval!

    • Pierre Verdoni

      I lived at 4679 De Bullion for a few years….The address in 1925 was 1717 and in 1895 it was 129 . The older name of De Bullion was Cadieux street

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