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A Taste of Spring

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January 17, 2018 · 10:18 am

Three of a Kind







A few more for your viewing pleasure:


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Strolling in the Park


Today in the park, I saw some new wildlife at long last. I can’t fathom why the past month or so has seemed so utterly barren of birds out there. But today all seems suddenly better. There was a Great Blue Heron preening as I walked out onto the floating bridge. Then a Cormorant came along.


Nothing exciting, I carried on to a bridge over the creek that flows out of the lake.


Then I spied the Hawk in a tree. Haha! It was back. I stepped off the path and took a picture with the long lens, then hurried forward. By the time I reached the tree in question the hawk was up circling.


Nearby I saw a Cat on the path.


I carried on, and came to a Spider that had just strung a line of web across the path. It must have just done so as only minutes prior several runners came along from that direction, and the web was at chest height.


Further walking and I detected a soft squeaking noise Looking up I saw a Woodpecker excavating a deep hole in a dead branch. It went right inside and came out with a beak full of wood fibre.


Carrying on I saw another Cat in the field, and it seemed to be waiting for a Mouse to come along.


Not far beyond I came to a man holding a Snake he’d found beside the creek. He was looking down at another Snake in the leaves. He told me that he’d seen a Barred Owl yesterday. So they are here, but I haven’t seen them yet.


Besides this there were numerous Towhees, Tits, Sparrows, Robins, Gulls and Squirrels black and grey. Also a man taking pictures, and another one shoveling wood chips from a pile into a wheelbarrow.

Now I must to my typewriter to write my daily words for NaNoWriMo. I’ve done it 5 times already, so it’s a habit now. This year I’m trying something different, a memoir… if only I could remember everything.


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Christmas Greetings 2015

Harry the Hairy Woodpecker

Merry Christmas Everybody!!


While the world in slumber lay
Santa sailed upon his sleigh
As Harry, hungry pecked his way
Up and down his tree

Seeking ants and juicy grubs
To make a Christmas dinner of
With frozen toes and ice bound beak
Harry saw not Claus, thus weak

Who seeing Harry shivering there
Had caused his sled to stop in air
His sainted heart did almost melt
Such sadness for poor Harry felt

Nearly dead and almost froze
Harry feared to lose his toes
So he retired to his nest
Hungry with a frozen nose

In dreams were summer feasts of bugs
A mate to give him feathery hugs
Struggling hard to carry on
All night he shivered until dawn

Christmas morn with opened eye
His tree bedecked he did espy
And on his head a woolly hat
But on the ground beneath, what’s that?

He scurried down the trunk post haste
On frosty feet, no time to waste
Frantic he was, but awfully weak
He almost broke his frozen beak

Pecked off the ribbon, pulled it free
And there before his eyes did see
A tasty edible dish you say?
Alas, ‘twas coupons for Boxing Day!


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Write, Walk, Write; Imagine World Peace

Nanowrimo word count, day 10: 15000 +/-

Nathanguitars NaNoWriMo Studio

Nathanguitars NaNoWriMo Studio

Bizarre coincidence department: I drafted the plot for this month’s novel two weeks ago. Not to give away much, but I swear this is true; I postulated scientists had figured out a way to penetrate the blood-brain barrier. If you’re not yet aware of the science news this week, some doctors here in Canada have just done that. If I could only use this power to do good in the world. Imagine no loud mufflers, no tattooed nose pierced clerks… and world peace!

But to think creatively one must prepare the body for the grueling task of sitting for hours, and this I do by regular swimming and a daily walk around the lake. It is the season for spotting birds, especially since there are so many fewer leaves on trees. I am diligently carrying my camera and telephoto lens, too. Here’s what I saw yesterday.

Coot doing yoga

Coot doing yoga

Hairy Woodpecker pecking

Hairy Woodpecker pecking

Spotted Towhee

Spotted Towhee spotting

And now for something really good:

 The Falcon

The Falcon

If I’m not mistaken this is no mere accipiter, but a falcon, such as Kings and Princes are wont to own, and even take on the plane these days…

gliding - wings wide open

gliding – wings wide open

up high and far away

up high and far away

Correct me if I’m wrong about this “falcon”, please.

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Creature Comfort

NaNoWriMo has begun and I’m already behind in my word count. But sunshine beckoned and I made a tour of the lake after lunch. Not only is this a good time of year to find typewriters, but it’s shaping up to also be excellent for sighting birds and animals. Here are a few shots from the last three outings.

Swans on high

Trumpeter Swans on high

I don’t often see this, and at first I thought they were Canada Geese.

Barred Owl

Barred Owl

This owl was hiding in an aspen grove, close to where the Great Horned Owls were.

Pied Billed Grebe

Pied Billed Grebe

This Grebe was here and gone in a day.



We came face to face with these two the other day; they simply stared at us.

Hairy Woodpecker

Hairy Woodpecker

This guy I discovered from his tell-tale tapping. It took me a minute to find him right in front of my nose.

Winter Wren

Winter Wren

The Wren hops about so quickly I was lucky to get this shot.

Northern Flicker

Northern Flicker

This female was on the ground, presumably poking her beak about for ants.

Now back to the typewriter, merely 800 words behind. I’m using my Olympia Splendid 33 at the moment.


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