Write, Walk, Write; Imagine World Peace

Nanowrimo word count, day 10: 15000 +/-

Nathanguitars NaNoWriMo Studio

Nathanguitars NaNoWriMo Studio

Bizarre coincidence department: I drafted the plot for this month’s novel two weeks ago. Not to give away much, but I swear this is true; I postulated scientists had figured out a way to penetrate the blood-brain barrier. If you’re not yet aware of the science news this week, some doctors here in Canada have just done that. If I could only use this power to do good in the world. Imagine no loud mufflers, no tattooed nose pierced clerks… and world peace!

But to think creatively one must prepare the body for the grueling task of sitting for hours, and this I do by regular swimming and a daily walk around the lake. It is the season for spotting birds, especially since there are so many fewer leaves on trees. I am diligently carrying my camera and telephoto lens, too. Here’s what I saw yesterday.

Coot doing yoga

Coot doing yoga

Hairy Woodpecker pecking

Hairy Woodpecker pecking

Spotted Towhee

Spotted Towhee spotting

And now for something really good:

 The Falcon

The Falcon

If I’m not mistaken this is no mere accipiter, but a falcon, such as Kings and Princes are wont to own, and even take on the plane these days…

gliding - wings wide open

gliding – wings wide open

up high and far away

up high and far away

Correct me if I’m wrong about this “falcon”, please.

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One response to “Write, Walk, Write; Imagine World Peace

  1. Wizz

    Either the Coot is doing yoga or he has his legs on backwards.

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