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A Mushroom, a Duck and an Owl …..

What do mushrooms, ducks and owls have in common?
I like them – read why.

Mushrooms come and go quietly and surprisingly and are harmless, unless you eat the wrong one.

Ducks quack a lot but are endlessly amusing and never run down pedestrians while texting.

Owls sleep all day, make soft pleasant hooting noises and fly silently.


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Daily Six Pack

That arctic outflow has us in its grip, but only very loosely. Temperatures hover around the freezing mark, leaving icy patches about but also wet places where the sun shines for a while. On the lake the water level must rise at night, evidenced by the suspended ice plates I often see on days like this.


With brilliant sun and cold we seem to get more birds. This Barred Owl was sitting directly above the path,  unperturbed by my attention, swiveling his head as I circled round to get a better angle. He  was still there when I returned an hour later, but another photographer had taken my place and no doubt filled his memory card with owl pictures.


Across the floating bridge there were the usual crowd of Mallards and this lonely Hooded Merganser.


Across the lake I had a brief look at this Cooper’s Hawk before it split in a hurry. Maybe it was hungry. They don’t sit still for long.


The lake has flooded the surrounding lowlands and in a seasonal slough behind the ring of bush that borders the lake I saw a large flock of ducks and geese. I walked through the closely cropped grass past a gaggle of grazing Canada Geese to get a closer look. Quite suddenly the flock erupted and headed to the air.


On the return leg a Bewick’s Wren was picking at the bark of a tree.


The last bird I saw was this one, a male House Finch.


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Three of a Kind







A few more for your viewing pleasure:


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Avian Nursery Rhyme

Owl and a Cooper"s Hawk

Owl and a Cooper’s Hawk

My Little Raptor

Two brown raptors
Perched on a tree
Looking for a mouse
Quiet as can be
One flew away
The other went to sleep
Two brown raptors
Which one shall I keep?


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Creature Comfort

NaNoWriMo has begun and I’m already behind in my word count. But sunshine beckoned and I made a tour of the lake after lunch. Not only is this a good time of year to find typewriters, but it’s shaping up to also be excellent for sighting birds and animals. Here are a few shots from the last three outings.

Swans on high

Trumpeter Swans on high

I don’t often see this, and at first I thought they were Canada Geese.

Barred Owl

Barred Owl

This owl was hiding in an aspen grove, close to where the Great Horned Owls were.

Pied Billed Grebe

Pied Billed Grebe

This Grebe was here and gone in a day.



We came face to face with these two the other day; they simply stared at us.

Hairy Woodpecker

Hairy Woodpecker

This guy I discovered from his tell-tale tapping. It took me a minute to find him right in front of my nose.

Winter Wren

Winter Wren

The Wren hops about so quickly I was lucky to get this shot.

Northern Flicker

Northern Flicker

This female was on the ground, presumably poking her beak about for ants.

Now back to the typewriter, merely 800 words behind. I’m using my Olympia Splendid 33 at the moment.


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