Vacation time

Ahem, we will be out looking for typewriters in the state of Washington next week. However, we will have with us a portable typewriter in case we do not find one immediately at the first thrift store. Should that be the case we will then pull out the backup machine and put down some thoughts about whatever comes to mind. After testing 5 candidates we have decided to go with the Olivetti 22, which defeated the others: Empire Aristocrat, Adler Tippa, Brother 11, Olympia SF. Second place went to the Empire, but it has rather poor print quality, so it lost. The Brother was too loud, as was the Tippa. The Olympia came in last due to it’s too large type. It’s our fond hope to find a Hermes Baby/Rocket asap, with a better print result which could well qualify it for future vacation use. If you see us driving by in a blue Westfalia with BC plates, give us a wave.


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5 responses to “Vacation time

  1. Good Luck! If you don’t find any Hermesses, think about a visit to Switzerland – they’re everywhere here!

  2. Bill M

    Have a great time.

  3. Have a nice trip! email me if you need a guide in Tacoma!

  4. It was nice to meet you and your Westy in E. Wash. this past weekend! Will your next post be a scan from the typewriter you did indeed find on your vacation? Thanks for introducing me to this fun blogging format.

    All best,
    Shelly (in the blue Westfalia with WA plates)

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