Westfalia Types


Filed under Photography, Thrift shop finds, Typewriters, VW Vans

4 responses to “Westfalia Types

  1. Did you really pass up that Triumph? and the Oliver? If they were priced too high I could understand of course.

    • If I had the money, and the space it would be a different world here.. but the Triumph was $65, the Oliver $75. At $45 for the Royal it was a stretch but I splurged!

  2. Sounds like a very nice trip. And that were some nice findings, I can’t believe you left a Corona 3 behind!

    • The person who owned it had it consigned in a shop out in the country where my guess is it will never sell for the ridiculous price of $600. It was certainly in fine shape and an amazing little piece of engineering.

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