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Day Shift

Hobbled to the park to check on Bushtits
Left camera’s memory card plugged into computer
Returned to get it
Weather warm
Changed into lightweight shirt
Pollen everywhere
How long does a sprain last
My aching foot wants to know
I swallow some medicine
To ease my paltry suffering
But still I revel in being alive
Considering the alternative
What have I to whine about?

Endings Beginnings

And today on my shift:

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Lunchtime for Old Men

1-cafe table

The room was almost empty
I sat down on my chair
Gazing into space
I saw her sitting there

The kitchen had my order
My lunch was on its way
I flipped my lucky quarter
And then I heard her say

“The room was almost empty
I sat down on this chair
Then I saw him enter
He’s sitting over there”

She flipped her lucky dollar
It landed by her plate
Just then our eyes met briefly
As someone yelled out “eight”

I rose to get my order
But something in her eyes
Evoked a distant memory
And then I realized

She was the girl I’d lost
When I was twenty one
We’d had a brief affair
One summer in the sun

I walked up to the counter
My heart began to pound
I thought “at last I’ve found her”
And then I turned around

The room was almost empty
And at the corner chair
I smiled in expectation
But there was no one there

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Blasted Weather



Windstorms rip the sky
Tearing at clouds
Which, torn
Release the deluge

Once living leaves drift silently
When naked branches quiver
A rotting carpet soon to join
Above them bare trees shiver

Fields of flowers
With nectar sweet
Are now asleep
Their peace they keep

The bee retreats
Within the hive
The shivering mass
Will keep alive

Before the blast
The birds are few
In the bush
They hide from view

But on the tree tops
Can be seen
The golden buds
A future green


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