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Lunchtime for Old Men

1-cafe table

The room was almost empty
I sat down on my chair
Gazing into space
I saw her sitting there

The kitchen had my order
My lunch was on its way
I flipped my lucky quarter
And then I heard her say

“The room was almost empty
I sat down on this chair
Then I saw him enter
He’s sitting over there”

She flipped her lucky dollar
It landed by her plate
Just then our eyes met briefly
As someone yelled out “eight”

I rose to get my order
But something in her eyes
Evoked a distant memory
And then I realized

She was the girl I’d lost
When I was twenty one
We’d had a brief affair
One summer in the sun

I walked up to the counter
My heart began to pound
I thought “at last I’ve found her”
And then I turned around

The room was almost empty
And at the corner chair
I smiled in expectation
But there was no one there

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