The Junior Naturalist

No. 1

No. 1

We live beside a small pond called Swan Lake. We never see swans here, however. It’s a bird sanctuary, in a park that by some miracle was never destroyed by development. Thank you for that, whoever you were that was responsible. Daily, we walk around the lake, a distance of about a mile, which takes 45 minutes almost invariably. Sometimes I carry a camera, but we have a joke that whenever I do so, we see no wildlife worthy of a photo. Of course when I leave the camera home we run into owls and hawks face to face! But I still like to lug the camera sometimes. Yesterday I put on my 500mm mirror lens. It’s a Tamron, and in its day was very expensive. I got it at a thrift shop for $65, which is  not much. I regularly see photographers on out walks, carrying gigantic telephoto lenses mounted on tripods worth more than my camera. All for taking pictures of ducks? I don’t know what they do in truth, but as amazing as those lenses must be, I will probably never buy one. I’m more of an opportunist – I hope for good shots to present themselves randomly. As long as I have the camera at hand, turned on, and set to the right settings of course, then sometimes I get a lucky shot. This long lens is hard to hold steady, however – it probably requires a tripod but I’m too lazy to bother. My Pentax K50 has built in shake reduction, and with my shutter set to 1/1000 I shoot and hope for the best. Of course I also have to focus manually, which is the trickiest part. But here are a few shots. I have numbered them. It’s a quiz! Guess what they are. My answers are below.

No. 2

No. 2

Write down your answers – no cheating!

No. 3

No. 3

Put down that book!

No. 4

No. 4

One more to go, then all will be revealed…

No. 5

No. 5

OK, here are the answers:

1. Fuzz on a stick

2. Donatello and Raphael

3. Black footed log roller

4. Orca-like duck

5. Giant hummingbird


OK, who guessed right?


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2 responses to “The Junior Naturalist

  1. Bill M

    Very nice photos.

  2. Sheila Norton

    You’re not a slave to scientific nomenclature are you? I like it. From now on I will call the bullrush seedpods “fuzz on a stick” 🙂

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