The Cup Runneth Over

Underwood Deluxe Golden Touch Quiet Tab: with this many names it should be a Royal


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4 responses to “The Cup Runneth Over

  1. I’ve yet to get a “stinky” typewriter. Or perhaps I just enjoy the smell of old machine oil. I dunno.

  2. Bill M

    Nice typewriter. I have always liked the typeface on the Underwoods.
    I too have a bit of (really more than a bit of) distain for pro sports and racing. I won’t go into my usual tirade though. Now a naked bike ride.
    That would be interesting until some one commercialized it.

    We used to have a canoe race near my home town. It ran for years as just a fun time and it kept growing. It got to be a big all day fun event until someone (I will not mention the group) took over, wanted it organized instead of fun, and ruined it.

  3. Nice use of the “pound” key! I was listening to the Swing Years last night too while gaming. Have been a fan since the 80’s. I still miss Cynthia Doyon.

    • I miss her too. She turned me on to Django Reinhardt one night many years ago and it changed my life. I still have a cassette tape I made that night with her voice introducing these songs that were like a revelation to me. From that day on I started collecting Django CD’s and started on the road to learning how to play that music. Thus I came to building my guitars too, so it was a fateful day when she did a segment devoted to Django and the QHCF!

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