Random Babbles Here

Great Blue Heron



Swiss watch with German typewriter

note: both typewriter and watch say ‘Deluxe’ on them!

Alanbury 'Deluxe' wrist watch

homemade loupe from an old Pentax

Isn’t this ‘Deluxe’ too?


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4 responses to “Random Babbles Here

  1. Bill M

    Congratulations on getting your old watch working. Nice watch. The improved eye loupe is great. I learned how to hold a loupe and I have the kind that clip on my glasses, but I prefer my Opti-Visor (or is there an s on the end?) They have different lens powers, but can cost around $50.00 and about $20 or so for each power lens set. I like your idea better providing one has an old SLR or a diopter correction lens for a camera.

    Nice after dinner venture. Sounds very relaxing.

  2. I really admire your ability to repair a watch. clever solution for the loupe too. I would pop open my great uncle’s pocket watch but wouldn’t know what to look for except perhaps a broken spring.

  3. Congrats on the SM9 — dull-looking, yes, but there is arguably no better typewriter. And I too am impressed by your watch repair skills. Nice looking watch.

  4. Nice work on the wristwatch! Dial looks like it’s in original condition, too. Looks like an early ’50s, similar to a Lanco that I have. Cool!

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