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The Mole – Book Launch

Part Four of the Mates & Men saga

After rescuing his best pal Jerry from kidnappers, Miles wants nothing more than to take up a peaceful life with his love Kyra in the sleepy Greek village of Katsantika. Jerry thinks his globetrotting adventures are behind him, until a troubled PhD student vanishes, and the distraught parents hire Jerry to find him. Jerry’s one time boss Nelthorpe has a problem at MI6 that sends him looking for help from the only person he can trust. He believes the key may lie inside a cell of agents-provocateurs which he believes is the conduit to the mole. When the FBI pounce on an organized crime ring, they need Jerry’s help too, despite not wanting it. Meanwhile, in London, MI6 has an empty flat that will soon have a secret occupant who specializes in cyber-security. This is the tale of THE MOLE, the man Nelthorpe fears, despises, and must uncover before another agent dies.

My latest novel is now available. It takes up where the trilogy Mates and Men ends. It took all of November and some of December to write the first draft on my typewriter (mostly a Smith Corona 5A). Click on the red typewriter (Author Page) in the picture to get to the links for all my books.

I finished the editing a few weeks ago, but then had to draw the illustrations. Here are a couple of sketches from the book:

Miles at the pub, waiting for his contact

Francis at a strip joint

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