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From Russia, With Luck


No kidding, this is a mint condition Olympia Progress, Russian. Unfortunately I don’t type Russian, nor do I speak it, or understand it. But I will sell it to the Russians for a tidy sum, since they are now wisely going back to typing classified documents. That is about the only good thing that can be said about Russia these days. Who would have thought that Russia is part of the typewriter insurgency!


Photograph of Chief Russian Insurgent, purportedly typing a secret report. Picture taken with one of those “film” cameras and developed in coffee….

Hey Vlad, want to buy my typewriter? For you, hmmm, $1000, cash only please.


What can this mean? A secret message? Cryptic!

may 7 2014001

Heavily redacted secret message, obviously in code as well. Proof positive that they are using typewriters for their secret business!


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