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Understanding Literature Through Typing

I know, this has been done, but so what? I thought I would try it out. What I would really like is to get a grant to go to Venice and do it beside the Grande Canal, watching the occasional dead dog carcass float by. If anyone is interested I will frame my work for a reasonable sum.


typewriter: Royal Caravan (same name and brand as Bob used, but not strictly the same model, since I don’t own one of those)

subject: Like a Rolling Stone, by Bob Dylan NL (Nobel Laureate).

choice of subject matter: LARS has been voted to be the greatest song ever written, in the pop genre (modern era). Its author has been recognized for this too (see above).


the machine:


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When Inspiration Fails

My typewriter sits on the coffee table, ready for me to type something at a moments notice. I sometimes just sit and hope for inspiration to come. When nothing comes one method is to start something based on what I’ve seen or heard recently, or whatever pops into my head while looking around the room. I heard about the owls on the radio today. As for the rest…


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