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Reality & Plan B

A further word here about the latest typewriter: a Commodore. Wow, what a great machine! It is in fact a rebranded Consul 221. Czechoslovakian made. Oddly enough I’m also working on a wonderful old Czechoslovakian viola I picked up on my vacation at an “antique” mall (aka large junk shop). Those Czechs know how to make stuff. I have decided to call this typewriter “The Honorary Consul”,  which is fitting in view of the 25 or so Graham Greene novels that have appeared around the house since January when my wife decided to read all the books Mr. Greene wrote. She has done so, I have gamely attempted to follow suit but have so far read only 4 or 5. Well, I never planned to read them all anyhow.

the ‘Honorary Consul’ (typewriter)


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