No Name Necessary


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3 responses to “No Name Necessary

  1. Ian Soutar

    Hi Don

    Are you still playing at the Spiral sometimes?


     ***** ***** ***** 

    We tried reasoning our way to the One: it did not work; but the moment we gave up, no obstacle remained. …

    The road yourself must journey on lies in polishing the mirror of your heart!

    Hakim Sanai Sufi Poet 1080 CE

    • Spiral gigs ended with Covid!

      • Ian Faulkner

        That’s too bad, my dance community continued dancing throughout covid. We didn’t have any issues at all except for one guy who got covid but it didn’t spread through the group. Wondering if you guys got covid? I ended up getting a a bad case of it that took a few weeks to get over. But my partner Barbara never got it at all even though I coughed and sneezed for a few weeks.

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