Monkey Pox Cockroach


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2 responses to “Monkey Pox Cockroach

  1. Things are pretty crazy in the world for sure with Putin comparing himself to “Peter the Great” . Glad to see gas prices High, reflecting their true cost to the environment. I haven’t driven for 15 years until recently but I’m not burning gasoline. This will trigger various types of electric vehicles to appear and research on various chemistries of batteries is that an all-time high. Some of the newer batteries use very common ingredients such as sulfur and sodium.

    Thanks Don for your insightful and amusing emails that appear regularly.

    Wondering if you could republish your formula for coffee developer? Also curious to know if there any downsides to using coffee. I have an enlarger and I’m setting up a dark room in the basement.

    • Caffenol bw film developer recipe:
      500 ml water, then add in order:
      24g washing soda (Arm & Hammer – not dried)
      8g vit C
      20g instant coffee
      5g table salt
      For BW film, use at 20 degrees & develop about 15 – 18 mins, with agitation each minute. This works well for Ilford FP4 125 iso.
      For Kentmere 100 iso, I developed 18 mins.
      Good to presoak film for several minutes before adding developer.

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