Mother’s Pie Crust

ye olde recipe boxe

ye olde recipe boxe

I’ve been looking for one of these  for some time. My mother had one similar, but with a tartan pattern and beige brown lid. It too was stuffed full of mostly handwritten recipes. I venture this came from the 50’s, judging by the handwriting (tiny and perfect) and the business card stuck inside, which has a phone number that begins with letters (GR in this case). Having searched most of the cards I’ve only found one that was typewritten, and of course it is clear and easily understood. It looks to be elite (12 cpi), but from what machine? The stasi would have known these things! For those who might be making pies for the holidays, here is that recipe. Note the hopeful suggestion about fingers crossed.



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3 responses to “Mother’s Pie Crust

  1. Val Nathan

    I have Mom’s!!!

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  2. Wizz

    It looks just like my mother’s recipe box – she would also make 4 pies at once – and without having any kitchen machines.

  3. I remember my mom’s recipe box of family recipes on index cards, but I have not been able to find these recipe boxes sold in stores. She had retyped all of the recipes using carbon paper to make books for us kids.

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