21,413 Words

By Typewriter

Week two and almost halfway there
Halfway pulling a tale from nowhere
Half baked plans with dubious inspiration
Now is the winter of our fermentation

Later to be baked boiled and spiced
Offered on a plate, sliced
Made tasty perhaps if not edible
With a slice of words incredible

The Photo Corner: The Flight Theme

All this seen in less than one hour:1-15-11


Filed under Birds, Photography, Poetry, Typewriters

3 responses to “21,413 Words

  1. Congrats on almost halfway there (:
    That’s a rather large amount of WW2 fighter-bombers, no? Have you got an air museum nearby?

    • Air museums yes – air museums with fleet of planes – beats me! My best guess is that they are T6’s (aka Harvards) but the tail wings don’t look right. Search of news media hereabouts turns up zero.

  2. Keep on typin’!

    Nice set of photos.

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