Plein Air Countdown T-18

Centennial Square, Victoria BC

Centennial Square, Victoria BC

Mothers Day is the annual outdoor painting challenge, in which I am entered once again. The first year I did well and amazed myself by getting 3rd prize. Last year I sucked big time. This time round I’m training hard. I’ve fine tuned my kit and today went out to scope some locations and practice my chops. (Maybe that’s just a guitar player metaphor, but since this is Nathanguitars that’s permissible here, since I make the rules.)

In any case it was windy and cold everywhere I wandered, so I ended up under cover and out of the wind downtown in the main square. It was getting late by this time, so I had 45 minutes to do something. In a way that’s good practice, because with a lot of art endeavours too much time means overthinking and overworking. This time I barely had time to cover the whole 9×12 inches before I had to go. This year they are handing out 9×12 canvas or paper for the event, so that’s what I’m practicing on. This one was done on a piece of loose canvas from a roll, which is cheap and easy to store. I read recently that Renoir did this… so what the heck?

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