the Caffeinated Photog

These were shot on some old Kodak Gold 200 asa colour film, with my Pentax ME Super. All the colour films seem to be coming out with a very narrow spectrum, and require a lot of shadow, highlight and/or fill light added. But the results are interesting. However, for this sort of home developing I would recommend medium format over 35mm. For one thing they can be scanned at a decent res and will give quite amazing details. The 35mm film needs high res scanning, and that takes a long time. These were scanned at 600 dpi however, which is reasonably quick.


some old car from last summer


gotta love trains


bring back cabooses!


light filtering through trees in the backyard


downtown back alley scene


in the fields near my workplace


more trees – from my lunchtime stroll


walking through the forest near the office


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2 responses to “the Caffeinated Photog

  1. You’re getting very nice results! (:

  2. Excellent! great compositions and results. I’ve just found a local source for washing soda so I hope to join the fun soon.

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