When a Bentley WAS a Bentley


konica auto s2, ilford xp-2, caffenol-c-m, scanned at 2400 dpi

007 bentley001


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One response to “When a Bentley WAS a Bentley

  1. Well, I remember that Bond drove a Bentley pretty consistently in the novels – his personal car, with the trick door in the dash where he kept a big S&W .45 revolver. I seem to remember that as being the only mention of special trickery in Bond’s cars in the novels. Sweet ride, that (:

    PS: glad you’re enjoying Caffenol developing. It works surprisingly well & has freed me from the tyranny of off-site developing labs. It’s really made film photography accessible to me by being so cheap, relatively environment-friendly and easy to do.

    Note: Caff-C works *really* well also with the cheap bulk “Ultrafine 400” B&W bulk film you can get for $30/100ft on Ebay. If you’re looking for a decent, cheap supply of film, I recommend it.

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