The Visitor

When my friend came to visit from California, I had to show him my typewriters. Then I forced him to write something, which he did. I then edited it for the blog. Then he forced me to watch the World Series. He now knows the difference between an Olivetti and an Olympia, I think… but I still can’t understand baseball. I have to admit it’s a lot more interesting if you drink a few beers though.


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4 responses to “The Visitor

  1. A nice compromise, I would say.
    Leila and I have something like this. I will get up from my seat to go and look at the various mansions she has found for sale in our area (along with public school, factories and barns…this is something of a hobby of hers…), and in return she listens to me ramble on about this or that typewriter. Has worked out well, so far, and she has learned quite a bit.

    Thanks for sharing the poem. I quite liked it.

  2. Classic simpsons quote there!

  3. I really got a kick out of this post

  4. Bill M

    Nice poem. I think I was the only kid in my neighborhood that did not like baseball. I find it nearly as boring as golf. I think I’ll opt for a beer.

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