Come Back 1957!

1957 Chevrolet Belair

ad from 1957 Popular Mechanics

the truth about car ownership – November 1957 – Popular Mechanics


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5 responses to “Come Back 1957!

  1. Bill M

    I still remember those 57s! Best car Chevy ever made for those who could not afford the Corvette. The wagon was and still is the more desirable of the 2, but I would not argue over either if I had the chance to get one. I was 3 in 57 so the ones I remember are as I grew older. I worked at a garage in high school and beyond and the 57 was a nice car to work on too.

    Now, the $50 per week salary…I think when I was a Jr. in HS I earned something around that part time.

    Edsels were unique. I remember those too, and the early T-bird.

  2. Motherhood as a gauge of security and success?
    nice finds.

  3. Ha! Now, which is preferable: being president or being a typewriter repairman? I’d certainly pick the latter.

  4. Oh, and that top pic of the Chevy — what a beauty!

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