Typewriter Mechanix Illustrated

Olympia Traveler

Olympia SF


The SF segment – note the deep indents made by the nubs prior to grinding. These nubs prevented the heads from striking the paper hard enough to make a strong impression.

The “nubs” on the SF after grinding down

SM3 with tape and foam added to cushion the typebars at impact

detail of SM3 with tape and foam to absorb some of the excessive head speed.


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5 responses to “Typewriter Mechanix Illustrated

  1. Bill M.

    Nice work. I wonder if the SF has a carriage adjustment to push the carriage forward enough for the slugs to contact the paper. My Hermes machines have that and the Olivetti I am working on has some cams for carriage alignment. Seems like a drastic move to grind things. However — it worked.

  2. Nothing succeeds like success!

  3. Clever solutions!

    Echoing Bill — some typewriters allow you to adjust the location of the carriage forward or backward.

    The piece that is so banged up on your SF is called the anvil, and most typewriters have one so that the typeheads won’t thrash the rubber of the platen but will instead go just as far as they need to.

    A hard platen can certainly create an awful noise, and it’s not good for the type either. Your solution seems like a good idea.

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