Eatons, a Silver Seiko & Djangofest

Eaton Viking Silver Seiko with salt shaker and empty beer bottle

this bit looks like a Hermes Baby

tilting carriage rail – like Hermes!

top view

Me & Dorado at Djangofest 2006






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3 responses to “Eatons, a Silver Seiko & Djangofest

  1. Bill M

    Nice typewriter.
    I’m guessing the tilting carriage is like the Smith-corona Skyriter. Shift just pivots the carriage for upper case rather than raising it like most carriage shift machines.

  2. originaltitle

    I love my typewriter, but know nothing about typewriters haha. These seem awesome, though. Thanks for sharing!

  3. These are nice little typewriters.

    I usually treat a hard platen by scrubbing hard with Soft Scrub (if that isn’t too oxymoronic) and then leaving a thin layer of brake fluid on it overnight. The platen will still be fundamentally hard, but the exterior layer will probably soften up and at least grip the paper nicely.

    Another thing people do, short of a new platen, is use 2 or 3 sheets of paper.

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