Pound Without Equals

brazen red remi QRll


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3 responses to “Pound Without Equals

  1. Hey! interesting work on your Quiet riter. I was wondering what mine would look like in red. Now I know.

    Can you take a photo of the keyboard? I suspect that it may have other characters on it that the + = was dropped for – and made for a specific purpose as such.

  2. Nice job. For a while I seemed to be finding a Quiet-Riter every month at my local thrift store, and I painted several of them, feeling as you did that they are good, shapely machines but their original paint is awfully boring.

    British keyboards have so many fractions … does it have something to do with the pre-decimal British currency? Who needs “5/8”?

    • I do like the shape – perhaps the next one should be two toned? As for the fractions, it may indeed be something to do with their system of measurements. But I do miss the Imperial system in some ways – I can’t relate to a centimeter like I can to an inch. Did I mention that it has no zero either? Please send 5/8 of a flagon with that old chap! Oh, and increase the 3/8 bushels by 1/2 to 7/8 if it’s not too much bother.

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