Full House

the turtle has no room in his house for extraneous possessions


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2 responses to “Full House

  1. Bill M

    I once lived in what I thought was a tiny house, 800 square feet or so. I was single so the living area was for music, audio gear, books and repair shop. Luckily there were plenty of cabinets in the kitchen and laundry and a bedroom I did not use so there was plenty of storage. I liked it.

    Now, after having a large house (again), a big garage (not like the little ones built today), huge yard and plenty of storage space in the attic of both buildings I am again in a small house, YUK! I have a terrible time not having proper space for things. Big is better.

    Therefore do not worry about a bit of clutter. It makes things interesting and visitors wonder in amazement at all the stuff.

  2. I agee, but I tend to lose control of my expansion.

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