Shoulda Been There

Olympia SM3 in low res


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3 responses to “Shoulda Been There

  1. Brake fluid will soften the outermost layer of a platen to improve grip, but under that it’s still going to be very hard. You can use 1 or 2 backing sheets. But the best solution is actually to send the platen to Ames for re-covering.

  2. Bill M

    I use Richard’s method, brakefluid. It seems to work fine. I also have used other solutions, but brake fluid is the cheapest and easiet to find.

    If the platen comes off like my SM7 platen it may be quite straight-forward after you look things over.

    Not every manufacturer had the same foresight on platen removal as SMC. Seems each brand has one advantage over the other and no brand incorporated all the nice handy things.

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