We’d Like to Ask You Some Questions



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8 responses to “We’d Like to Ask You Some Questions

  1. heh, you joke about taking your typewriters jogging, but there *was* a fellow who did that & called himself “Typewrunner”. His blog’s gone now, but he used to post videos of himself typing one-handed while jogging.

  2. Bill M

    The secret life of a typoshereian. I like it.

  3. Epic. And it really *is* the Force that shows us which typewriters to be. Not some pesky midichlorians.

  4. Excellent! I wish I’d seen this before I posted my answers!

  5. Studio 44… you have impeccable taste.

    • I think that Olivetti hit a grand slam with this one! It has it all: brilliant engineering in a superb style, plus it has a wonderful feel to it that is difficult to describe except to say that it seems to just work perfectly without resisting the typist in any way. Ergonomics are close to perfect.

  6. Supremely entertaining!

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