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The Great Canadian Eclipse

We contemplated a trip to Oregon to see the eclipse but decided there would be too many people on the road, so we stayed in Victoria and watched it from the top of our mountain.

Fortunately the day dawned clear, and not a cloud in sight. We arrived around 9 am to find quite a few others already set up.

One guy was talking away to his phone making a selfie video. Others had their cereal box viewers ready and some were seated in lawn chairs under the shade of a beach umbrella.

Very few had the special sun goggles, but we did.

I made a pinhole box viewer and installed a camera with a macro lens, with which I was able to photograph the moon’s transit.

The results did not really do justice to the eclipse, however. I managed one pic by shading the camera lens with the sun goggles and snapping a picture directly.

That was the best shot. Although it did not get dark, merely dimmer, it did cool off substantially. We saw a 90% eclipse. As soon as the moon went past the maximum everybody departed. The summit went from 70 people to a dozen within minutes, and so too we headed back down.

I saw an eclipse once before, but I can’t recall where or when! I’m pretty sure I’ll remember this one.

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